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Abdominal Pain - Symptoms & Causes

Causes of Abdominal Pain - Treatment at AMDA SG Tel: 6694 1661

Abdominal pain or Stomach aches are very common, especially with children. Learn the common causes and various symptoms that might indicate a medical condition.

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Health Assessment & Wellness Screening

Health Screening Packages - AIPC Tel: 6694 1661

There are Comprehensive Medical Health Assessments for you & your loved ones. Health screening for cancer & detecting illnesses in its early stages are crucial.

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Chronic Kidney Disease & Kidney Stones

Kidney problems - Kidney stones

Learn what the Kidney Stones Risk Factors are, Chronic Kidney Disease Symptoms & how to identify Acute Kidney Failure. Explore changes in your diet to improve.

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High Blood Pressure Symptoms and Hypertension Causes

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

What are the High Blood Pressure symptoms you should look out for and what are the causes of high blood pressure? Explore improvements in your diet to improve..

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Dermatology Treatments for Skin Medical Conditions

AMDA Clinic: Best Dermatology doctor medical treatment Laser procedure-skin resurfacing

Removal of Warts,Age spots,Skin tags,Keloids,Moles,Scars,Corns,Calluses,Birthmarks,Tattoos,Freckles /Treatment of TMJ,Acne,Pigmentation,Fungal Nail Infection.

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Atopic Eczema

Eczema symptoms & causes - Medical treatment AIPC Tel: 6694 1661

Eczema refers to a red, scaly, itchy, sometimes weeping skin condition. Atopy refers to an allergic condition that tends to run in families and includes problems such as asthma, hay fever etc.

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Liver Disease & Diet for Health

Liver Jaundice Types

Learn more about Liver Diseases such as Jaundice, Cirrhosis, Acute & Chronic Liver Failure. Can Diet make a difference for Liver Health?

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Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

Symptoms of Diabetes

Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus describes what is Diabetes, the signs of diabetes and what type 1 and type 2 diabetes symptoms to watch for.

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Chronic Neurological Disorders - Symptoms & Risks

Neurological Disorders

Learn the Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Neurological Disorders. Seek medical attention as soon as possible if you are unsure of your medical condition.

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What is Gastroenteritis? Gastroenteritis in Children

Bristol Stool Chart

It is an infection of the bowel that causes diarrhoea and sometimes vomiting. It is very common in young children and is mainly caused by viruses.

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Contact Dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis due to Allergy

A skin inflammation caused by an allergic reaction to certain substances coming into contact with the skin. Learn the Cause, Symptoms & Treatment.

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What is Autism?

Autism Awareness - Reduce symptoms with a Gluten-free Diet

Autism is a developmental disorder commencing in early childhood. Aspergers symptoms include an inability of the child to form normal social relationships.

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Grow New Brain Cells - The Neurogenesis Diet

Dementia & Alzheimers - Risk Factors, Symptoms & Prevention

Despite popular belief, it is actually possible to Grow New Brain Cells with a Neurogenesis Diet & exercise. Learn what brain boosters and supplements you need.

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Lung Diseases - Symptoms & Causes. Learn about common Lung issues.

shortness of breath Causes

Comprehensive information about common lung problems & pulmonary health issues eg chest pain, shortness of breath, COPD, ARDS, Pneumonia, Bronchiolitis, TB.

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Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Normal Blood Sugar Levels - Glucose-monitoring

Normal Blood Sugar Levels are provided in the Blood Glucose Chart. A simple diabetes blood test using test strips allows for continuous blood glucose monitoring

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Identifying Insect Bites & Stings

Insect Bites & Stings Treatment - AIPC Tel: 6694 1661

Here's a convenient table of different kinds of pattern of rash caused by bites of common insects around you. If unsure, please consult your doctor.

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What is Urticaria or Hives? Learn the Causes & how to treat it.

Hives & Urticaria Causes - Treatment @ MDIMC

Urticaria, also known as hives, is a common allergic disorder in which a red, itchy, lumpy skin rash appears out of the blue. What are the common Allergens?

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Is Your Mole Cancerous? Detecting Skin Cancer with Dermoscopy

Treatment & Removal of Different Skin Moles at AMDA Tel: 6694 1661

Dermoscopy is a noninvasive diagnostic technique that magnifies the skin & significantly increases the clinical diagnosis of skin lesions and melanoma compared to clinical examination alone.

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Child Development Milestones at a glance

Child Early Development Milestones - Vaccinations at AMDA SG Tel: 6694 1661

Developmental milestones are behaviors or physical skills seen in infants and children as they grow and develop eg Rolling over, crawling, walking & talking etc

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Ear Wax in your Ear

Ear Wax Removal

The purpose of the wax is to protect the skin of the ear canal and give it a waterproof coating. What do you do if you have excessive ear wax?

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Elderly Care & Senior Health - Diseases of Old Age

Healthy Aging at AMDA SG Tel: 6694 1661

Learn about the symptoms and risks of old age diseases especially Malnutrition in the elderly, as well as other age-related diseases and ailments.

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Substance Abuse & Addictions

Smoking Disorders

Addiction to neurotoxins such as nicotine from smoking, alcohol and drugs eg opiates & cocaine etc are detrimental to your health.

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Obesity - How to Lose Weight Wisely

Obesity Complications - Lose weight safely at AMDA SG Tel: 6694 1661

Losing weight reduces your risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, gall bladder trouble, hiatus, hernia, high blood pressure and arthritis, especially of the hips and the knees.

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Treatment for Knee Pain / Patellar tendinitis

Pain Management & Medical Treatment @ MDIMC

Knee joints play an important role in supporting weight, standing, walking and running. Its main function is to bend, stretch and support the body.

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Treatment for Sacroiliac Joint and Lower Back Pain

Bone Mass Loss for Men & Women with Age - Health Screening @ MDIMC

Inflammation of the Sacroiliac joint can cause sacroiliac joint damage, which may cause back pain and pain around the buttocks and legs.

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Handling Stress, Insomnia & Lack of Sleep

Effects of Stress on the Body - Treatment at AMDA SG Tel: 6694 1661

What does Stress do to your body? Why do you have Insomnia and can't sleep? What are the effects from the lack of sleep?

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The Problem of Coronary Heart Disease - Risk Factors & Causes

Blocked coronary arteries

Coronary Heart Disease is a major cause of preventable death and we still need to work hard at reducing the risk. What are the causes & what to do about it?

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Health Screening Packages

Bone Mass Loss for Men & Women with Age - Health Screening @ MDIMC

Is a full body check-up for you, now that you have reached a certain milestone in life? Absolutely! All men and women should have a medical screening done regularly even when you feel perfectly fine.

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What is Vertigo?

Vertigo Dizziness Treatment at AMDA SG Tel: 6694 1661

What causes dizziness or giddiness from Vertigo? Learn the symptoms to look for and the risks that there might be serious causes.

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What is Travellers' Diarrhoea? Symptoms & Treatment

Diarrhoea treatment / IV Infusion of medicine at AMDA SG Tel: 6694 1661

Diarhhoea, abdominal pain and sometimes vomiting are unfortunately common during many overseas trips. Learn the different diarrhoea types & causes.

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Health Screening - Special Screening Plan

Bone Mass Loss for Men & Women with Age - Health Screening @ MDIMC

Health Assessment - Special Screening Plan for Healthy aging & Detection of Chronic diseases - S$350

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What is Cancer?

Cancer - Causes, Symptoms & Prevention

Cancer is an abnormal disorganised growth of cells in the tissues of a person. The cells multiply out of control and drain vital nutrition from the normal cells.

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High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

AMDA Clinic: Best GP doctor -Healthcare chronic treatment medical checkup blood pressure

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is a chronic condition. Find out the symptoms, causes and the self-help treatment you can adopt. A handy blood pressure chart is provided.

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Women's Health Issues - Symptoms and Causes

Women's health - Aging

Learn the Symptoms & Causes of various women's health issues and problems eg Cervical Cancer, Osteoporosis, Breast lumps, Anaemia, Urinary tract infection.

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The High Immunity Anti-Aging Longevity Diet

Healthy Aging at AMDA SG Tel: 6694 1661

Find out what Immune System Boosters and the healthy diet you should be eating that is Anti-aging, improve your Immune System and increase your Longevity.

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Cholesterol: How to Lower Cholesterol?

Cholesterol - Increases your risk of Heart disease

Heart disease is the number 1 killer in most countries. It is mainly caused by clogging up of the arteries by a fatty substance known as atheroma. Learn how to lower your cholesterol.

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Health Screening Package - Deluxe Enhanced Plan

AMDA Clinic-Healthcare Checkup & Medical Screening

Health Assessment - Deluxe Enhanced Screening Plan with Comprehensive Cancer screening for Men & Women

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Health Screening Package - Deluxe Screening Plan

Health Screening Packages - AIPC Tel: 6694 1661

Health Assessment - Deluxe Screening Plan with Basic Cancer & Hormone screening - S$540

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Melanoma Explained

Skin Cancer / Carcinoma Treatment - MDIMC

A melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. They can begin in moles, but most begin in normal skin.

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What is Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B Virus

Hepatitis B is a virus that infects the liver. It is very infectious, more so than the AIDS virus. How serious is the problem??

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What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis Symptoms & Risk Factors

Arthritis means inflammation of the joints, but there are over 100 different types of arthritis. The most common is osteoarthritis, which is usually not serious.

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What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Hand - Pain in the small joints

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease of the joints, usually the smaller joints in the body. Not always a disabling condition, it can be controlled with medicine.

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What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Bristol Stool Chart

An irritable bowel, also known as irritable colon or irritable digestive system, is one that does not work smoothly and causes abdominal problems such as colicky pain & disturbed bowel actions.

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is an uncomfortable inner feeling of fear or imminent disaster. Most of us experience some temporary degree of anxiety in our lives.

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What is Angina? Symptoms, Risk factors, Causes & Treatment.

What is Angina? - AMDA SG Tel: 6694 1661

Angina (also known as angina pectoris) is the name given to pain in the chest that comes from the heart when it is short of oxygen.

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Travel Health - Guide for Travellers

Travel Health Guide

Travellers to countries that have low standards of health and hygiene risk contracting infectious diseases, caused by contaminated food and water and by mosquitoes. Here are some travel health tips.

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Foreign Body in the Eye

Parts of the Eye - Treatment at AMDA SG Tel: 6694 1661

It is any particle such as dirt, metal or sawdust that lodges on the surface of the eye or inside the eye.

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Common Nail Diseases

Ingrown toenail causes - Medical treatment AIPC Tel: 6694 1661

Learn about common Nail Diseases including Fungal infections, Ingrown toenails and other nail problems, their causes, symptoms and medical treatment.

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Causes of Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer / Carcinoma Treatment - MDIMC

Skin cancer is usually found in fair-skinned people who are exposed to too much sun. Learn what the signs of skin cancer are.

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Potential Discovery To Get Rid Of Spike Protein

Dr. Tina Peers discusses a potential new discovery in eliminating spike protein and reducing long-haul symptoms. Other compounds have been studied like Quercetin, Bromelain, NAC and Nattokinase to name a few. Please do your own research on these supplements.

Vitamins & Nutrients for a Well-functioning Immune System to Protect against COVID-19 & other Viral Infections

(Ref: Nutrients. 2020 Apr 23;12(4). pii: E1181. doi: 10.3390/nu12041181 Optimal Nutritional Status for a Well-Functioning Immune System Is an Important Factor to Protect against Viral Infections Calder PC1, Carr AC2, Gombart AF3, Eggersdorfer M4.

Healthy Diets for Optimal Health

Food Health / Detox / Immune Support / Cancer Prevention

Watch this fascinating video by Dan Buettner, National Geographic writer and explorer who studies the world's longest-lived peoples, distilling their secrets into a single plan for health and long life - How to live to be 100+.

The information provided in this website is for knowledge purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice.

Should you encounter any medical problem that you are unsure of, always consult your doctor or health care provider for assistance and medical advice.

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